515 Jacobs Street Gezina Pretoria

P.O.Box 24712 Gezina Pretoria 0031

+27 12 329-9763

086 680 5279


Website: www.centrific.co.za

Facebook: Centrific Industrial Supplies

VAT No: 414 026 0813

Company Registration: 2009/01036/23

Company History

Centrific Engineering started out as an engineering firm and service provider, mainly providing services to companies like Nissan Diesel South Africa.

Our company has since shifted its business focus to the Industrial Supplies market. We as a company, have experience in many construction related fields, and as such, are able to understand the needs and wants of our cliental.

Members within our company have experience in fields like:

  1. Sheet Metal Work;
  2. Steel Erection;
  3. Steel Construction;
  4. Pipe Fitting;
  5. Electrical;
  6. Plumbing;
  7. Ducting & Airconditioning;
  8. Rigging & Slinging;
  9. Building Construction; and
  10. Wet Works.

Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to deliver a trust worthy and reliable service to our Partners and Clients. Quality, Affordability and Accountability.

Vision Statement

To become a Partner to our clients, and an extension of your company, pushing ourselves further and harder to achieve our shared dreams of better business, and a guaranteed future in our Industries.

Values: We believe in the ART of Partnerships which are forged in Accountability, Reliability, and Trust

Accountability: As a company, we believe in being accountable for our actions and agreements. 

Reliability: Our clients need us to be reliable, so that they in turn can be relied upon by their clients.

TRUST: Our clients need to be able to Trust us, we endeavor to earn and keep that Trust.

The Product lines we specialize in, but are not limited to, are;
  • Power tools, accessories, and consumables:

The brands of power tools we deal with are high quality industrial tools with reliable spare parts availability, and skilled people to do the repairs.

  • Welding equipment, accessories, and consumables:

We have various suppliers in this line. From brands like Lincoln, Miller, and Esab, to brands such as Matweld, Promax, and Octo. Machines, accessories, and consumables are all part of the range we supply.

  • Hand tools, accessories, and consumables:

We can supply a variety of imported brands, those used in a controlled environments where theft and negligence is minimal, and other more suitably priced tools which can be taken to sites where stock control and accountability is harder to oversee or monitor.

  • Personal protective equipment:

From overalls, to shoes, to dust masks and safety harnesses. We know what you need, and how to keep you and your staff safe.