Being a specialist for the metal trade, the metal processing industry and industrial maintenance, they offer a comprehensive range of machines with integrated solutions for highest professional requirements in the areas of:


  • Drilling/Screwdriving
  • Cutting/Grinding
  • Sawing


From a basic shell to a finished development, or for restoration, renovation and modernisation work: They develop and manufacture optimum system solutions for:


  • Drilling and Screwdriving
  • Cutting and Grinding
  • Sawing

Here they focus on the applications allied to ceiling and timber construction, window construction, wall and fascia’s, drywall construction, installation, laying of floors and tiles, and garden and landscaping.


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  1. Cordless Systems
  2. Cordless Devices
  3. Cutting, Grinding and Milling
  4. Drilling, Screwing, Chiselling & Stirring
  5. Saws
  6. Semi-Stationary Power Tools
  7. Water & Pump Technology
  8. Compressed Air
  9. Aspiration & Extraction
  10. Others


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